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Hi! I'm "Luna". I just graduated from the University of Oregon with dual majors in Business and Japanese, and I'm spending the first couple years of "adulthood" by working in Japan!


Apple Pudding Bread

The thing I love about summer is that I have free time. Most of my free time goes towards doodling, but every now and again I find something I really want to try making! I found a recipe on this blog which sounded great! 

It's called Apple Pudding Cake (although it's more like a bread, imo). I'm always looking for apple recipes because we have a Gravenstine Apple tree in the backyard. Normally we just make apple sauce or dehydrated apple chips, but it's such a pain to process that many apples =_=

I think I over-cooked it a liiiiittle bit...The bottom was a little blackened.

But the flavor was AWESOME. One of the tricks to this recipe is to toss the apple chunks in custard powder (I substituted arrowroot powder, because none of the nearby stores carry custard powder), which makes the apples have an almost pudding-like consistency. DELICIOUS.



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